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Problems(tasks) of commercial and industrial chambers
Primary goal of commercial and industrial chambers of all world is support of businessmen and, carrying out this problem(task), experts ТПП of. Алматы frequently face with problems of businessmen. Frequently the Kazakhstan importers hope that the foreign partner will not bring: will put the goods of the necessary quality and quantity(amount), will provide his(its) packing in the appropriate container, in time will pay the contract etc. When it does not occur, then there is a question " what to do(make)? ". Thus frequently it happens what to search guilty, and to make something too already late.
So it is necessary to take into account? And it is necessary to accept the following: first of all, it is necessary to lead(carry out) examination of the contract before his(its) signing and to include in him(it) the sections providing quality check of the goods, preshipping and acceptance examination of the goods by quantity(amount) and quality, to make a number(line) of examinations for the customs purposes (classification of the goods on ТН foreign trade activities, an estimation of customs cost etc.) In it can help you highly skilled experts of system of commercial and Industrial chambers of Kazakhstan.
The enterprises and businessmen incur losses not only owing to unconscientiousness of suppliers - is frequent they make a serious mistake, opening the container or the car without presence of the expert of system TPP. In result, at detection of shortage or damage of a cargo the claim can be not accepted by the supplier. And absolutely other business when at acceptance of a cargo there is an expert of system TPP and it(he) will make an independent expert appraisal of quantity(amount) and quality, will establish the reason of occurrence of shortage, defect and loss of quality. Quite often the reason of occurrence of defects is their wrong loading in a vehicle, non-observance of requirements on fastening and height штабелирования a cargo - fixation of all these facts also is a duty of the expert. The certificate(act) made by the expert will form the basis for compensation грузополучателю of losses from the suffered losses connected to discrepancy to conditions of contracts of qualitative characteristics of the delivered goods: Damages, недостачами or plunders of the goods during their transportation and overloads. The charges connected to realization of examination of cargoes, a consignee can return, having included in the sum of the claim showed to a guilty party (to the supplier, a carrier, the insurance company etc.) in case of incomplete delivery or delivery of substandard production. Moreover, грузополучатель will not pay the custom charges and the value-added tax for the short delivered goods.
Experts of system of commercial and industrial chambers RK will carry out(spend) сложнейшие examinations of various kinds of the goods, including the export and import goods, raw material and the equipment. The certificates(acts) made by experts, serve as the basic documents giving the right to buyers, to importers to declare the claim to suppliers, carriers or the insurance companies on shortage, shortage or inadequate quality of the goods, and also admit as demonstrative documents as the Kazakhstan both foreign arbitration organizations and customs bodies.

The chairman of Presidium TPP of. Алматы,
Bijarov M.N.
Ph. +7 ( 727 ) 292 00 52; 292 78 32; 292 79 38
email: alcci@rambler.ru; alcci@mail.kz
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