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The international trade fair of the building equipment and materials, the mining equipment, building vehicles BAUMA CHINA
Commercial and industrial chamber of. Алматы forms exit delegation for visiting the International trade fair of the building equipment and materials, the mining equipment, building vehicles BAUMA CHINA which will pass November, 23-26, 2010 to Shanghai, Chinese People's Republic. Bauma China is conducting exposition of all sectors of building branch in the field of machines and the equipment in Asia. The exhibition will be carried out(spent) alternate years. Last exhibition has visited 113.000 experts from all world, and also from all regions of Chinese People's Republic in this connection she(it) became the most important and successful trading exhibition in sphere of construction and manufacture of building materials in China and in Asia. Bauma China this year again becomes a place of a meeting of representatives of industrial and trading branches, suppliers of services and the important heads. Leaders of the market and global players already have now declared the participation and presentation of advanced achievements and innovations.
The on display goods:
 dredges, loaders, грейдеры and bulldozers, compressors, the pneumatic and hydraulic tool;
 pump stations, the equipment for manufacture of ferro-concrete designs;
 lifts and conveyors, the equipment for mixing, transportations and submissions of a solution;
 mechanisms for the device of tunnels and galleries, проходческий the tool;
 бетоно-and asphalt spreaders, rail mechanisms and mechanisms for work on water;
 the equipment for manufacture of various building materials and mixes and for them рециклинга;
 devices for tests and checks of the equipment and building designs.

Cost of trip on 1 чел. Roughly makes:
· 247 000 tenges at residing at a single room,
· 207 000 tenges at residing at a double room.
In cost in 4* hotel (4 night, including breakfasts), трансфер the airport - отель-аэропорт, registration of the visa air flight Алматы-Урумчи-Шанхай-Урумчи-Алматы, residing are included in Chinese People's Republic, organizational gathering ТПП of. Алматы, medical insurance. In case of need we organize services of the translator. Cost of services of the translator makes 15 000 tenges in day (a 8-hour working day)

The appendix: the Questionnaire of the participant (1 sheet)

In connection with necessity of registration of the visa for Chinese People's Republic and congestion of flights we ask to direct the filled questionnaire of the participant and to send a copy of the passport up to 22.10.2010г. on phone/fax: (727 292-90-75, 292-00-52 or on e-mail: alcci@rambler.ru.

The chairman of Presidium (the signature is present) Bijarov M.N.

исп.: Жанар Дильманова, ph.: (727 278-44-13, 292-90-75 alcci@rambler.ru
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