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Internationale Grune Woche Berlin 2011 which is held from January, 21 till January, 30 2011г. to Berlin (Germany).
Commercial and industrial chamber of. Алматы forms the Kazakhstan delegation for visiting the International Green week in Berlin - 76-th Exhibition of the food-processing industry, an agriculture and gardening - Internationale Grune Woche Berlin 2011 which is held from January, 21 till January, 30 2011г. to Berlin (Germany).
At an exhibition it is possible to see all spectrum of the goods of the food industry - from meat and sausage products up to fruit and vegetables, from seafoods up to tea, fault, beer and strong alcoholic drinks. Technologies of duplication of domestic cattle and poultry farming, seeds, the agricultural equipment, hothouses, production of forestry and landscape designing will be submitted. Within the framework of an exhibition realization more than 300 symposiums, seminars and forums, meetings with conducting manufacturers etc is planned. Conference of the Ministries of Agriculture to which are invited 1400 person Here is held.

The basic directions of an exhibition:
· Food stuffs and drinks from all world;
· Meat-and-milk production;
· Fault and alcoholic drinks;
· Teas, grasses, spices;
· Sea products etc.;
· Растениеводство, seeds and fertilizers;
· Animal industries;
· the Equipment, engineering and stock for an agriculture and gardenings;
· Hothouses and gardening accessories(belongings);
· Engineering and the equipment for kitchen and housekeeping;

Cost of trip on 1 чел. Roughly makes:
 355 695 tenges at residing at a single room (6 night);
 307 815 tenges at residing at a double room (6 night);

In cost of trip are included air flight Алматы-Амстердам-Берлин-Амстердам-Алмат ы, residing at 4* hotel (6 night, including breakfasts), трансфер the airport - отель-аэропорт, registration of the visa in Germany, a sightseeing tour over Berlin, medical insurance, entrance tickets on an exhibition, organizational gathering ТПП of. Алматы.

Services of the translator are given for an additional payment.
The appendix: the Questionnaire of the participant (1 sheet).

In connection with complexity of registration Шенген - visas and congestion of flights the request to fill in the questionnaire and to send the scanned copy of the passport of the participant till December, 1, 2010 on phone/fax: (727 292-90-75, 292-00-52 e-mail: alcci@rambler.ru; almatycci@gmail.com

The chairman of Presidium (the signature is present) Bijarov M.N.

исп.: Sphere Акылбаева, ph.: (727 278-44-13, 292-90-75, 8 705 7000006
Files for скачивания:
The questionnaire.  (anketa.doc, 52 Кб)
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