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Commercial and industrial chamber of. Алматы invites you to take part in seminar - presentation and a stock exchange of contacts
Commercial and industrial chamber of. Алматы invites you to take part in seminar - presentation and a stock exchange of contacts which will be carried out(spent) within the framework of trade and economic mission of the Lithuanian business circles and is held December, 7, 2010 at 09.45 ч. In a conference hall " Three-copecks piece Эмель " hotels " Kazakhstans " to the address: пр. Достык, 52 (уг.ул. Курмангазы). In structure of delegation of 10 large companies, such as, Joint-Stock Company " Сигида ", Joint-Stock Company " biopolicy ", Joint-Stock Company " Трайдянис ", Joint-Stock Company " Ностра ", Joint-Stock Company " Аутокуртас ", Joint-Stock Company " Валдорфо дидменос ", Joint-Stock Company " Калнаруте ", Concern " Виконда ", Joint-Stock Company " Нирлита ", Group of companies Alita - suppliers of the following goods and services:
· Tourism
· Биоинсектициды
· Installations for clearing household, industrial, superficial drains
· Textiles (import - export)
· Sale of spare parts for automobiles
· Food stuffs, alcoholic drinks
· Delivery Stock of clothes, footwear, акссессуаров
· Building engineering and auto-loaders
On a stock exchange of contacts the opportunity of realization of individual negotiations with the Lithuanian companies will be given to the Kazakhstan businessmen.
Lithuania - is one of countries - leaders of EU on rates of restoration of economy in 2010. One of advantages of this country - its(her) site between the East and the West and transit highways, through Lithuania passes 2000 transport ways to 40 countries of the world. Lithuania has ИКТ-RESOURCES conducting in the world and an infrastructure and it(she) posesses the following significant records:
· the most high-speed in the world data transmission through a network of the Internet in 2009.
· 5 place in the world and 1 place in Europe on a level of penetration волоконно-broadband communication(connection) (18 %)
· 1 place in the world on number of subscribers of mobile communication(connection) on 100 inhabitants
· the World(global) leader on use of the mobile electronic signature
· the most dense network of points public дотупа to a network the Internet in Europe

Participation of the Kazakhstan firms free-of-charge.
In case of your interest we ask to send the filled registration form in Department VESiI TPP of. Алматы till December, 3, 2010 on phone/fax: (727 292 90 75, 292 00 52
e-mail: alcci@rambler.ru, almatycci@gmail.com

The appendix: 1.список the Lithuanian companies - 2 sheet,
2. The registration form - 1 sheet

The chairman of Presidium (the signature is present) Bijarov M.N.

исп. Айнур Муханова, ph. +7 727 278 44 13
Files for скачивания:
The list of delegation of businessmen of Lithuania  (Spisok-delegacii-predprinimatelejj-Litvy, 158 Кб)
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