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Contracts through contacts

In Алматы businessmen from the Perm edge(territory) of the Russian Federation have met the Kazakhstan colleagues. The purpose of mission — search of new partners and commodity markets, the further strengthening of interstate cooperation in a cut(section) of regions.

As vice-president of commercial and Industrial chamber RK Muhtarhan Bijarov has noted on a forum, for seven months of the current year commodity circulation between Kazakhstan and Russia has exceeded 12 billion dollars, that on 32 percents it is more in comparison with the similar period of the last year. Today already 76 regions of the Russian Federation have adjusted with казахстанцами close contacts, on a share of bilateral export - import frameworks ЕврАзЭС it is necessary 90 percents.

Visitors from Perm represent 13 large companies borrowed(occupied) in manufacture of cable production, the equipment on sewage treatment, petrochemistry, деревообработке. Among the goods offered by them is innovational ­аэрозоли for suppression of fires, энергосберегающие fixtures.

According to M.Bijarova, the Perm edge(territory) in the first quarter has put to us production on 49 million dollars, and imported from Kazakhstan all on six millions. This difference, the expert considers, it is necessary to level. Local business (on a meeting there came representatives more than forty companies) is ready to deliver to Russia transformers, сельхозпродукцию, mineral fuel, textile products.


Асет the bride MONEY

The Kazakhstan truth

№ 232-233


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